RS Laufzettel

Missing ration coupons

Historical Snapshot of Swiss Wartime

In May 1945 during world war two, Georg Wenger from Basle submitted a complaint slip to the Swiss Post Office. This was a complaint that his order to a garage called Schimd in Frick was never delivered.

The war had left its mark on Switzerland. Whilst Switzerland was never invaded, raw materials were scarce and it relied heavily on neighbouring countries for supplies. Rationing was a way for the Government to keep everyday essential supplies flowing.

It was at this time that Mr Wenger sent 10 ration coupons to the Schmid garage in Frick. These coupons which took a long time to save up were to be exchanged for 10 kilograms of charcoal. Due to the scarcity of petrol and other fuels, charcoal was used as fuel for engines. Unfortunately the ration coupons never arrived at the garage and because the package was not sent by registered post they were never found but the complaints form finally found its way to Rolli Auctions and Philately where it is now carefully stored under controlled conditions until it finds a new owner. 

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